Friday, April 28, 2017
BeneSys' Benefits
Reputation » BeneSys has never lost a client due to complaints regarding quality of service or level of fees.
Taft-Hartley Trust Fund Specialists » BeneSys understands the nuances of Taft-Hartley benefit plans. We are experienced and accustomed to programming and administering plans that have unusual benefit plan parameters. Our software systems are designed specifically for Taft-Hartley Trust Funds.
Seamless Transition and Conversion » BeneSys has never missed a transition date deadline. Trustees and Participants will not experience a lapse in service during transition.

No Commissions » BeneSys has never received commissions from any vendor, thus we feel we can be objective on any of our recommendations to the Trustees.

Experience and Depth of Staff » BeneSys' larger, highly experienced administrative staff enables us to respond quickly to all requests.

Participant Communications » BeneSys provides participants with informative easy-to-read monthly statements and routinely conducts seminars on a variety of plan components, from health care benefits to retirement plans.


Participant Website » Benesys' participant Website provides Participants with the latest information on their benefits, hot links to other important sites and a way to communicate to the Fund Office 24-hours a day.  


Employer Website »  Benesys' employer website allows employers to report and remit payments electronically.


In-house Information Technology Staff »  BeneSys does not need to rely on outside vendors to respond to our customers' requests.

Constant Innovation »  BeneSys is always looking to improve our services and operations. Why? To improve participant satisfaction and keep our costs controlled.

What Our Clients Think

I.U.O.E. Local 139 operates a referral system which provides man power to fulfill the wide ranging labor needs of nearly 600 contractors from a pool of over 9,200 highly skilled heavy equipment operators who operating everything from a street broom to the largest cranes reaching hundreds of feet in the air. 

We needed to expand our Basic Data Card (used to list members' skill and skill levels) to nearly 270 skill classifications to keep pace with the ever increasing amount of specialized equipment entering the construction arena. Furthermore, recently implemented changes to our procedures created new challenges requiring specialized solutions to accomplish complex software tasks.

We turned to a proven leader in the field of benefit plan software that we knew we could trust, BeneSys. The pro-active team at BeneSys provided solutions to all of our unique software requirements, far exceeding even our highest expectations.

Terrance E. McGowan

Business Manager

I.U.O.E. Local 139

Pewaukee, Wisconsin

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